Gryphon Real Estate Investments exists to do what traditional real estate agencies can't, and lenders won't do for their communities.  We take the distressed properties that you see in our Vero Beach and Sebastian Area neighborhoods (from the North to South County lines, and from I-95 East to the ocean), and renovate them for new owners.  This gets rid of an eyesore; which once again allows folks to buy or sell in the neighborhood, and brings property values back up to where they belong.  We think that this is a valuable service to the community; and hope that if you agree, you'll let  the owners of a distressed/vacant property know about us. 


  (If you'd prefer to be more proactive, but don't know the owner of a vacant/abandoned property, just let us know the address of the property, and we'll come out to take a look at it and get in touch with the owner to see if we can buy and renovate it.  Just text, email, or call us with the property address.)


 Thanks for caring about your community,

 K.F. (Jack) Griffin